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Pairings: Romania/Bulgaria

Warnings: foul language, yaoi, mpreg

Fan-made names: Romania--Vlad Ionescu, Bulgaria--Bogdan Georgiev

Characters thoughts are written in italics

I don`t own Hetalia characters

Vlad watches Elizaveta while she is looking at the various frying pans that are displayed. She reminds him of a little girl in a candy shop, with an awed expression and exclaiming from time to time when she sees something that she likes.
The trip to the store took 10 minutes, and while Hungary didn`t seem to mind the fact that she had gotten wet twice that day, Romania on the other hand was trembling and trying to warm himself by wrapping his arms around himself. He mentally thanks God when Hungary arrives with a big frying pan in her hand, telling him that she`ll take this one. Before arriving at the cash desk, she suddenly stops walking and turns towards Vlad.
“I nearly forgot. If I`m going to take it, I`ll need to test it first”. And without warning she hits him on the head with the utensil.
“OUCH! STOP THAT, WE`RE IN A STORE!” the other yells while rubbing his head with a hand.
“Yep, it will do. I`ll keep it” she says happily.
Vlad mutters something under his breath as he pays for the ‘damned object’.
“Thanks for the frying pan, it`s even better than my old one. Bye!” Elizaveta says enthusiastically and runs past him, heading in the direction where the taxis are located so she could pick one to go to the airport.
Good riddance, I hope I won`t be seeing you anytime soon, the Romanian thinks and exists the store to return to his cozy place.

Bogdan has arrived to Vlad`s house to find it empty. He has searched every room but there wasn`t any Romanian anywhere. Why would he go outside on a weather like this? Did something bad happened while I was away? There isn`t anything to suggest that there had been a struggle and the door had been locked, so what could have happened? Oh God, he`s gonna be the dead of me! Bulgaria kept worrying.
He goes back outside to look for any sign that would tell him where his friend is. It is still raining  and there aren`t many people on the streets, but he examines them to see if one of them is Vlad. He doesn`t go too far from the house when he finally sees something that he recognizes. He stops dead in his tracks, his eyes fixed on the figure that was coming closer without an umbrella and wearing a dressing gown which didn`t do much against the cold, especially after getting wet.
“VLAD! Why are you outside in the rain? Do you really want to get sick?” he shouts and rushes towards his trembling friend.
“I`ll be fine, I had to…” Romania tries to explain, but a fit of coughing interrupts his sentence.
“You are definitely not fine! You`ll give me an explanation after we get inside and change your clothes. You`re not even dressed appropriately for this weather…”
“Hungary came, I had to buy her a frying pan to leave” Romania manages to say as they enter the house.
“What!?” Bulgaria exclaims. He knows how much the two nations hate each other, and if Hungary had been here… He shudders, hoping that she didn`t hit him this time.
“I`m going to prepare a hot bath for you. After bath you`re going straight under the covers to get warm. You can tell me everything later” Bogdan says and goes inside the bathroom to get things ready.

Germany picks up the receiver after the third ring, being the only one that answers phone calls in the house. His brother doesn`t do this task for years, not being a country anymore to receive orders on the phone. The only calls he receives are from his friends, France and Spain, and those are usually on his mobile phone.
“Hello”, Gemany answers. “My brudder?” he asks, surprise evident in his voice. “One moment…” he adds and puts the receiver on the desk. “Gilbert! You have a phone call!” he shouts towards the stairs.
Prussia comes down the stairs in a moment. “Did you say that I have a phone call?” he says, unsure if he heard right.
“Ja, it`s from Bulgaria” Ludwig answers.
“Oh, I`ll see what he wants”.
Germany leaves the room to give his brother privacy and Prussia picks up the receiver. “Hi, Bulgaria. How are things?”
“Not so good” the other answers. “Prussia, I`m going to ask you a few things and I want you to give me honest answers”.
Gilbert`s blood runs cold. “What happened?” he asks in a serious voice.
“Have you gotten drunk a few days ago and went to Austria`s house?” Bogdan ignores his question and answers with one of his own.
Prussia blinks a few times stupidly before answering: “Ja, if I remember correctly. Why?”
“You found Hungary sleeping there and stole her frying pan, right?”
“Well, ja, she deserves it after all these years…”
“She came to Vlad`s house and accused him of stealing the object. He told me that the only way he could make her leave was to buy her another one, even if it meant walking in the rain to get it” Bulgaria says in an angry tone.
There is a pause before Prussia asks in a small voice: “How is he?”
“He has a small bump on his head, nothing too serious, but the worst part is that he got a cold for staying in the rain. He can`t have any kind of drugs so I had to give him natural cough syrups. He`s in a better shape now, but I`m still worried that it will affect the baby. I don`t want Hungary to come near him again, it`s a good thing they haven`t fought like other times”.
“I`ll go talk to Elizaveta soon and convince her to stay away. She won`t be happy to see me, but it`s my fault that this has happened” the albino says, feeling guilty.
“Alright, good luck. And one more thing before I end…”
“I don`t think you`re a bad person. I know that you care very much for Vlad. Just try to be more careful, okay?”
“I`ll do my best” the other answers with a sad smile. “Goodbye”. He puts the receiver back in its place and sighs. How many persons have suffered because of his stupidity in the past? And now his cousin is one more on the list.

To Be Continued…
At one of America`s parties England changes Romania into a girl. What happens when Bulgaria is interested in her?

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